Dental Emergency

If you have severe tooth pain or are experiencing a dental emergency, call us at 704-865-6856 to find out if you need to be seen immediately.

Do You Have Tooth Pain?

Serious tooth pain doesn’t go away on its own. When your tooth aches, something isn’t right. Seeing your Enhanced Smiles dentist sooner rather than later is the only way to figure out where the pain is coming from and what can be done to make it go away quickly.Rootcanal

Don’t Wait to Be Treated for Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can become unbearable. For some people, the discomfort builds up over time. Other patients develop acute pain that cannot be ignored. No matter what kind of tooth pain you’re experiencing, waiting to get treatment means the irritation will continue and the problem could develop into something bigger.

It’s understandable that you are reluctant to make a dental appointment because you’re concerned about what’s wrong and fear the treatment for it even more. These feelings are completely normal. However, wouldn’t you go to the doctor for an ear infection? A stomach virus? A broken arm? Tooth pain can’t be solved at home.

Calling your dentist at Enhanced Smiles immediately is the best thing you can do to eliminate the pain you’re experiencing.

Causes of Tooth Pain

It’s important to get help right away for tooth pain, but it’s also important to keep perspective when it comes to mouth injuries or oral health problems.

The mouth is filled with many tiny blood vessels. A split lip can create a lot of blood, but the injury may be minor. Digging into your gums too hard with dental floss can make your gums bleed, but this doesn’t usually constitute an emergency. If any of these issues are accompanied by severe tooth pain, then that is a clear indication that something isn’t right.


Contact Us for Immediate Response

    Causes of tooth pain will vary depending on your situation and oral health history:

    • If you haven’t been to the dentist for some time, minor tooth decay may have evolved into serious, deep decay.
    • If you bit down hard on something and suddenly developed tooth pain, you may have a cracked or broken tooth.
    • A mouth injury suffered in a car accident, fall, or because of a sports injury could have dislodged or broken a tooth or damaged your jaw.
    • If you have lost a crown or filling, acute tooth pain can develop because the repaired part of the tooth is now exposed.
    • If you have bleeding gums, loose teeth, and tooth pain, these are all signs of periodontal disease.

    Tooth Pain Solutions

    The right solution for your tooth pain will depend on your Enhanced Smiles dentist’s diagnosis of the source of the problem. Dental repairs could include:

    • Root canal therapyIf you undergo root canal therapy to repair an abscessed or infected tooth, the pulp of the tooth is removed, and the canals thoroughly cleaned so pain is eliminated.
    • Dental crown: After root canal therapy or the removal of extensive, a dental crown is often put in place to protect the tooth from further damage or bacteria while also restoring the appearance of the tooth.
    • Tooth-colored fillingIf tooth decay is not severe and has not infected the pulp and root of the tooth, eliminating decay and filling the tooth can often resolve the pain.
    • Tooth extraction: If a tooth is so compromised or severely traumatized that it cannot be fixed with a filling and root canal therapy is not a guaranteed solution, extraction (followed by dental implant) is a sure route to eliminating tooth pain.
    • Periodontal therapy: When your gums are so infected that they’re causing tooth pain and damaging your teeth, gum disease therapy restores the foundation of your oral health, so you are prepared for restorative dentistry or cosmetic dentistry solutions.
    • Dental bridge: If a tooth needs to be extracted or has been so damaged or loosened that it falls out, a dental bridge can cover the gap.
    • Dental implant: A dental implant is a permanent solution that not only takes the place of a tooth that has been lost or extracted, but it also replaces the tooth root of a missing tooth and keeps the jaw stimulated and healthy.