Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Our team at Enhanced Smiles is very well trained in the area of implant dentistry. Dr. Pham places and restores dental implants in our office all the time. This page will give you a background on what implants are, how they’re used, and what the process will entail.

Many people experience the heartache of missing a tooth. This situation can lead to embarrassment when smiling, difficulty chewing, and further dental problems such as shifting and bone deterioration. However, dental implants by Dr. Alex Pham provide a functional and permanent solution. Made up of three components, a dental implant is the ideal restorative solution for those with missing teeth.

This permanent restoration mimics the natural tooth root of your missing tooth thus providing a solid, stable replacement. The artificial root even blends in with your bone and is topped with an abutment, which is the foundation for your final restoration. Crowns, bridges, and dentures can be placed on top of an implant with the results truly breathtaking.

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    Implants are very effective, long-lasting, and promote a healthy, functional, and balanced smile.

    Dental implants

    What are Dental implants?

    Dental Implants are a replacement for a missing tooth. The actual implant itself is a root form made of titanium. They can be coated with special materials to enhance their biocompatibility with the bone in your mouth. Although dental implants have been around for many years, they have become more and more prevalent in the last 2 decades. Mainly because of advances in dental implants that allow them to be easier to place, easier to restore and have fewer post-op complications.

    How can they be used?

    Dental Implants have opened the doors in dentistry. We used them in a wide variety of applications. The obvious is the single tooth implant. A single tooth implant has a lot of advantages over the traditional ways of replacing teeth [bridges and partials]. First, the teeth on either side are unaffected by the implant. Second, the implant helps maintain bone in the once empty space. Third, keeping a dental implant clean is easier than a bridge, since you can floss between them.

    What is the process like?

    Generally, for a single tooth. Dr. Pham will evaluate the area clinically and radiographically, and make sure that you’ll be a suitable candidate for an implant. Once that’s done, Dr. Pham will determine how and where the implant is placed for optimal function and esthetics.

    Once placed, you can expect a healing time of about 4-6 months before we can restore the implant. Although there are some situations where we can place a tooth on the implant immediately. To attach the tooth to the implant, we place an abutment. The abutment is the interface between the implant and the mouth. Most of the time the abutment is customized for optimal esthetics and function.

    The process for attaching a denture to the implants is a little bit different. 

    Implant support Dentures: Implant-supported dentures are a great service for patients. Implant-supported dentures are a significant step-up from the conventional denture that uses adhesive. Implant-supported dentures are a great option for individuals who are seeking an affordable option to significantly improve their ability to chew and smile. The support of the implant allows the dental fixture to be shaped into a horseshoe, reducing the bulkiness and opening the palate to create more space for the tongue and better ability to taste food. Implant-supported dentures are sturdier and do not require adhesive.

    The individual can improve their diet by including fruits, veggies, steaks, corn on the cob, and other foods one would typically have to avoid with traditional dentures. Also, implant-supported dentures significantly improve patients’ confidence to smile and speak.

    This type of dentures is removable, and you’ll be able to snap it on and off as many times as needed. This means that cleaning and maintaining the denture is just as easy as a traditional denture.

    Hybrid Dentures (All-on-4, All-on-5, All-on-6)

    Dental Implants have opened the doors for many more opportunities for dentures. With the placement of a few implants, we can convert some dentures or make a new denture that locks onto the implants. These dentures are called over dentures and they are a substantial improvement over the traditional dentures. Eating efficiency is significantly improved. The bulkiness of the denture can be cut down, since we are not reliant on the tissue and bone as much to retain the denture. Another advantage is that the implants will keep the bone levels stable around them.



    Our Patient Testimonials

    Jackie B 

    Enhanced Smiles has given me a confidence that I haven't had in a long time. They gave me a beautiful smile. I would recommend them to everyone!

    Chris B

    My experience with Enhanced Smiles  has been very pleasant and calming. Like most people I was a little anxious and unsure of trying the implant route...after meeting with the staff I felt very comfortable. The staff was very professional and offered several suggestions/ direction for my needs. I highly recommend Enhanced Smiles

    Karol H


    My experience has been wonderful! From the initial consultation all the way to having my final permanent teeth installed. I will say, there are less expensive options, but my experience is that it is WORTH EVERY PENNY! I have regained confidence in my appearance as well as a much needed boost in my physical health. I would recommend to anyone looking to have an implant procedure.

    If you’re missing a tooth or need hold down that denture. Give Enhanced Smiles a call to schedule a consultation! We are one of the premier offices offering dental implants in Gastonia, NC. Call 704-865-6856 for a free dental implant consultation.